• Apollo Temple Level 1
  • Apollo Temple Level 2
  • Apollo Temple Level 3
  • Apollo Temple Level 4
  • Apollo Temple Level 5
  • Apollo Temple Level 6
  • Apollo Temple Level 7
  • Apollo Temple Level 8
  • Apollo Statue Level 1
  • Apollo Statue Level 2
  • Apollo Statue Level 3
  • Apollo Statue Level 4
  • Apollo Statue Level 5
  • Apollo Statue Level 6
  • Apollo Statue Level 7
  • Apollo Statue Level 9
  • Apollo Statue Level 10


Provides a health regeneration effect to all troops and buildings.

  • You must unlock Apollo before you may build his temple.
  • Building this temple unlocks Apollo Houses.



  • Destroying a temple will destroy all of the associated houses.
  • Most defending cities will rely on the regeneration effect provided by Apollo Houses to survive attacks. Prioritizing the destruction of Apollo's Temple is strongly advised.


  • As the enemy must destroy all of your temples to win, place the temple in a well-defended or hard-to-reach location.
  • Apollo's power provides a strong defensive bonus, especially through his houses but the effect is typically not enough on its own.
  • Apollo's power is particularly strong when comboed with high hit-point buildings as the regeneration effect is based on their maximum health.



  • The texture for Apollo's Statue Level 8 is currently missing from the game and uses the Level 9 one instead as a placeholder. (v1.4.12009)
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