Regularly spawns a large group of hoplites when enemies are nearby.

  • You do not need to unlock Athena before you may rebuild this monument.
  • Monuments are immune to Aphrodite's Charm Building ability.


  • This monument can either help you or hurt you depending on how you go against it. Destroy it quickly if you are weak against many troops. Conversely, have Aphrodite Charm any units created by the monument.
  • This monument spawns many troops which can help overwhelm enemy gods. Place it in a well-protected location where it can still be triggered by enemies.

House Recommendations

  • Like most Spawners, this monument has particularly high synergy with Athena Houses and Aphrodite Houses as they both buff the combat capabilities of the generated minions.
  • The fact that the generated Hoplites can be charmed, makes Ares Houses and Hades Houses suboptimal.
  • Zeus Houses only provide health to the monument, as well as health and power to the generated minions, rendering these houses cost-ineffective as the range buff is left unused.


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