Regularly fires multiple arrows at any enemies that come into range.

  • You do not need to unlock Artemis before rebuilding this monument.
  • Monuments are immune to Aphrodite's Charm Building ability.


  • This monument can quickly kill your weaker Gods, destroy it with a tank god or keep your weak Gods away from it.
  • The Monument to Artemis can be a lifesaver if your base is weak to Artemis' Long Shot ability. It is a very strong ranged building, place it closer to the edges of your base but still in a protected location so that it can kill ranged Gods.

House Recommendations


Temples Temple of Aphrodite * Temple of Apollo * Temple of Ares * Temple of Artemis * Temple of Athena * Temple of Hades * Temple of Zeus
Houses Aphrodite House * Apollo House * Ares House * Artemis House * Athena House * Hades House * Zeus House
Towers Monument to Apollo * Monument to Artemis * Monument to Zeus
Spawners Monument to Ares * Monument to Athena
Hybrid Monument to Aphrodite * Monument to Hades
Towers Arrow Tower * Ballista Tower * Greek Fire Tower * Archimedes Tower
Spawners Archery Range * Academy
Stone Stone Altar
Gold Golden Altar * Market
Gems Pond * Fountain * Flower Garden * Small Garden * Shaded Garden * Garden Pavilion * Pool
Stone Road * Garden Tree * Flowers * Stone Statue * Arches * Amphitheatre
Gold Gold Statue * Statue Pavilion

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