Regularly spawns fearsome Acolytes of Ares that defend the city from attack.

  • You do not need to unlock Ares before rebuilding this monument.
  • Monuments are immune to Aphrodite's Charm Building ability.


  • Acolytes of Ares cannot be converted by Aphrodite's Charm Units ability. Keep her far away from them.
  • If possible, use your tank Gods (Athena, Zeus) to fight off Acolytes of Ares.
  • This monument regularly spawns extremely powerful Acolytes to fight for your side. Place it in an area where it can be triggered quickly, but far enough from danger so that the monument will provide troops the entire battle and not be destroyed.

House Recommendations

  • Although a Spawner, this monument has particularly high synergy with Hades Houses over any other house as they practically double the threat Acolytes of Ares generate.
  • Ares Houses are slightly inferior to Hades Houses as they don't provide any movement speed to the Acolytes, unlike the one that the revived Skeletal Acolytes get.
  • To increase its survivability, support this monument with a healthy mix of Apollo Houses and Athena Houses.
  • Zeus Houses only provide health to the monument, as well as health and power to the generated minions, rendering these houses cost-ineffective as the range buff is left unused.


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