• Regularly charms groups of nearby enemy units to fight for your side.
  • You do not need to unlock Aphrodite before you may rebuild this monument.


  • This monument will turn your troops against you. Destroy the tower with one of your Gods while keeping your troops out of range to avoid this fate.
  • Charming enemy troops can be a great asset to turn the tide of a battle. Place the monument where you expect many enemy troops or near a building you wish to protect.

House Recommendations

  • This hybrid monument does not have any specialized interactions with any of the existing Houses as it has both internal power scaling and internal range scaling.
  • As it is typically an important target, it is often suggested that it is supported by a healthy mix of Apollo Houses and Athena Houses.
  • Zeus Houses only affect the health of the monument itself. They neither affect the monument's range and power nor the range, power and health of the charmed minions, rendering those houses particularly cost-ineffective.


Temples Temple of Aphrodite * Temple of Apollo * Temple of Ares * Temple of Artemis * Temple of Athena * Temple of Hades * Temple of Zeus
Houses Aphrodite House * Apollo House * Ares House * Artemis House * Athena House * Hades House * Zeus House
Towers Monument to Apollo * Monument to Artemis * Monument to Zeus
Spawners Monument to Ares * Monument to Athena
Hybrid Monument to Aphrodite * Monument to Hades
Towers Arrow Tower * Ballista Tower * Greek Fire Tower * Archimedes Tower
Spawners Archery Range * Academy
Stone Stone Altar
Gold Golden Altar * Market
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