King of the underworld. God of death. Controls the dead.

  • Hades is a short ranged god. He has less health than any of the melee gods but more health than any of the other ranged gods.
  • His basic auto-attack transforms Hoplites, Archers and Acolytes of Ares into skeletons if they are killed.
  • Hades' powers are: Necrotic Touch (Passive), Reanimate, Rot and Summon Cerberus (Ultimate).


  • Reanimate is best used when there are lots of dead units on screen. A good strategy is to drop a different god on top of a lot of units and then immediately use Reanimate. It also combines very well with many other God powers that are primarily anti-units (for example Artemis Hawk Storm).
  • Cerberus can be upgraded to be a huge tank with as much HP as any other god in the game. Simply following Cerberus into battle can work very well to keep your gods safe and effective.
  • Rot is excellent for taking out clusters of decorations and houses.


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