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Produces archers that defend your city from attack.



  • This building regularly spawns archers, and several Army buildings can quickly overwhelm your gods. Destroy them as soon as you can.
  • Alternatively, if you have Aphrodite, more enemy troops can be a good thing. Using the Charm Units ability ensures a fresh supply of friendly troops every few seconds.


  • Troops need to travel to meet the Gods in battle. Spread these buildings around your city so that at least some troops will always be close to where you need them.
  • Make sure you have a good mix of Defensive buildings as well as Army buildings, otherwise you will be very weak to Aphrodite's Charm Unit ability.


Temples Temple of Aphrodite * Temple of Apollo * Temple of Ares * Temple of Artemis * Temple of Athena * Temple of Hades * Temple of Zeus
Houses Aphrodite House * Apollo House * Ares House * Artemis House * Athena House * Hades House * Zeus House
Towers Monument to Apollo * Monument to Artemis * Monument to Zeus
Spawners Monument to Ares * Monument to Athena
Hybrid Monument to Aphrodite * Monument to Hades
Towers Arrow Tower * Ballista Tower * Greek Fire Tower * Archimedes Tower
Spawners Archery Range * Academy
Stone Stone Altar
Gold Golden Altar * Market
Gems Pond * Fountain * Flower Garden * Small Garden * Shaded Garden * Garden Pavilion * Pool
Stone Road * Garden Tree * Flowers * Stone Statue * Arches * Amphitheatre
Gold Gold Statue * Statue Pavilion

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